5 careers for those who love to help others

Being selfless and helping others can be one of the most inspiring things to experience. You come to realise throughout life that everybody needs some kind of help and if you were in the same situation, you’d want someone to do the same for you. There are plenty of careers available which allow you to put others before yourself and if you love to help people then consider taking up these careers.

Emergency Professional

Emergency professionals can range from paramedics to firemen. Emergencies always occur and it requires skilled individuals to make sure they arrive at the scene prepared and ready to deal with the situation. They will gain the required educational training as they’ll be dealing in high pressured situations where their nerves will be tested. If you’re looking to get into the emergency services, you can also benefit from taking a masters degree in emergency management which can support your application when you apply.

Without quality education, there wouldn’t be any of the highly skilled professionals that we’ve spoken of in this article. This is why teaching is seen as one of the most recognised professions because they equip the individuals today with the skills they need in the future. If you’re looking for teaching jobs Townsville, remember teachers are required to be hardworking and motivated to help those they teach as it requires a lot of commitment during the term period. There’s a great emphasis on teachers to make sure that those being taught are encouraged to learn. After all the hard work though, of course, there’s the extended summer holiday at the end of it.

Foster Carer

There are children out there who are still trying to find their way in life but for whatever reason, they’ve been neglected by their birth parents. Children are individuals who require the most support out of anyone as their finding their feet and need stability whilst they go through education and try to make something of themselves. By becoming a foster parent, you can gain a fostering allowance whilst supporting a child during this difficult time in their life. There’s also flexibility in transferring fostering agencies if your circumstances were to change.

Charity Worker

There are various charities out there who are always looking for volunteers to support their cause. Charities have various roles that individuals can fill. You could be interacting with people face to face to help with the fundraising part of the charity or you could even be apart of the accounting team to keep track of donations and other financial aspects of the charity. This may require additional qualifications so determine what your skills are before deciding what part of the charity you wish to work for.


Nurses take up a vital role in the hospital as they’re the go-to individual when caring for patients. They’ll be the person that the patient sees the most often and are essential in making the patient feel comfortable whilst they’re omitted to hospital. Some of the roles that nurses take include making sure the patient’s fed, they’re able to attend the bathroom and bathing the patient if they’re unable to do it themselves.