4 Ways To Deal With A Pet Emergency Calmly

What do we do when our much-loved pets are taken ill? It can be as distressing when a family member has an accident or needs to go to the hospital. After all, our four-legged friends are part of our families too.

It goes without saying that staying calm is a top priority, as an animal can always pick up on human distress.

What else can we do to help deal with pet emergencies in a calm and practical manner?

Here are four tried and trusted methods that can help any pet owner.

1. Your vet will give you all the right advice, listen to them

Don’t rely on the internet or search engines to diagnose your pet. Take them straight to a reputable veterinary surgery such as Park Lane Animal Hospital and let them properly examine your beloved animal. Often online, you’ll find there’s an overload of information that can frighten and confuse and give you more things to worry about, at an already stressful time. Put your confidence and trust in your vet, and they’ll repay that by ensuring your pet is taken care of to the highest standard.

2. Try and stay as calm as possible, breathe deeply

Breathe slowly and deeply and try not to panic, or show you’re panicking. Deep breathing helps the flow of oxygen to the brain stay steady and regulated and can help decrease feelings of anxiety and panic. You’ll be able to think more clearly and, from that, act in a more rational manner, which is helpful for everyone around you.

3. Call a family member, friend or other loved one

Once your animal is safely ensconced in the vets, try not to sit and panic or pace up and down. Remember, they’ll be being cared for by professionals, and there will be little to nothing you can do. Take some time to call on a friend, family member, or other loved one and seek some reassurance or even just a simple conversation to distract you. If someone can come out to sit with you at the vets, then that is even better. Don’t be alone at a time of crisis if you can avoid it at all. It’s better to be with people and stay occupied.

4. Keep active, try and refocus your mind as much as you can

Try and do something distracting, once you’ve spoken to someone on the phone. Whatever hobbies you have, indulge in those – be it painting, knitting, sewing, or writing. It can help to try and watch a nice, relaxing film or your favorite sitcom. Even listening to some relaxing music can be a big boost to you. Refocussing is essential at a time like this. Remember, your vet will stay in touch with you and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Although it can be a dreadfully worrying and stressful time, it is possible to deal with a pet emergency and stay calm. If you trust in the ideas outlined above, it should make a pet illness or accident just that little bit easier to handle. Your pet will love you and trust you that little bit more, too.

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