How to Know One is Ready for Marriage?

When it comes to romance, each of us have different expectations. While some of us want to have a good time, others are in it for the long haul. How do you know when you have crossed the line from lust, into long-lasting love? How do you know when the time has come to marry up; and settle down?

Signs One is Ready for Marriage

There are several signs that you – or the person you are with – might be ready to tie the knot. Here are some of the best…

1 – Other Women/Men aren’t Attractive

If you can browse through pages of cheap London escorts without feeling any arousal for your usual ‘type’ then you may be ready for marriage. Elite magazine suggests this is the top reason that you are ready to get married. If you don’t feel the need to search for your soulmate, it is probably because you are already with them.

2 – Love Songs Make Sense

Before you get married you wonder why anyone would ever write such soppy nonsense. When you think you’ve found the one? You start agreeing with the soppy nonsense and wonder why you were so cynical before. Don’t panic. It’s just the love goggles.

 3 – You’re Planning More Than Just A Wedding

A lot of couples divorce simply because they can’t see past the wedding. When you get married, it is about more than a white dress and a party. One of the top reasons on Lifehack to get married is because you are planning an actual life together… and not just a big, white, wedding party.

4 – You are Happy Alone

IT sounds silly but most people don’t meet someone if they aren’t happy on their own. Why is this? When we are happy, we project it in our everyday actions. When we are miserable? It seeps out of our being and into the subconscious of those we meet. It’s simple physics really; like attracts like.

On the other hand, when you do attract your soul mate it will be because you are happy within your own skin. You can’t be loved until you are loved, and that starts with you. If you are happy on your own, then you can be happy with someone else.

5 – You Love them more than you Love your Need of them

Could you truly let your partner go? If it was life and death, if your being with them meant their health suffered, their family turned against them, or their world turned upside down – because of you – could you let them go? Do you love them, respect them, and want them to be happy, more than you want to be happy? That’s the real test.

If you can give up someone you cannot live without, just because it makes them better off… that’s when you know you are ready to marry them. If you look at them and want to sob, if you worry irrationally about the day the leave you- the day they realise how far above anything on earth that they are… if you reach that level of awe. That’s when you tie the knot.

So if you’re ready, you’re ready. There’s no sense in wasting time.