3 Ways to Update Your Bedroom Décor

As well as providing a place to sleep in, the bedroom is also the setting for intimate moments and relaxation. As such, you probably spend more time in your bedroom than you realize. However, if you are getting sick of staring at the same old wardrobe and sleeping amongst wash-faded bed linen, why not freshen up your bedroom décor with a few new pieces? Here are three ways you can update your bedroom décor.

1. Hygge

Hygge is a Danish concept that is untranslatable to English but generally means a sense of cozy contentment. As the bedroom is the place in the house intended for relaxation and sleep, why not introduce a few cozy accessories to increase the hygge and hopefully make sleep easier? A variety of candles are classic hygge accessories, but you could also update this with an aromatherapy hot oil burner or smudge stick to promote an atmosphere of relaxation. Inviting bed linen and a choice of cozy blankets are also essential to a hygge environment, especially when the days grow cooler and shorter. This may sound like a lot, but a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon will provide a welcome discount on your new bed linen and blankets. You can completely transform your bedroom into a hygge paradise on a budget!

2. Bring the outside in

If you have felt trapped and suffocated inside your home, a good idea is to bring some elements of the outdoors inside your house, to your bedroom, in particular, to help promote relaxation. House plants provide a splash of cheerful greenery that, if you build up a collection, could trick you into thinking that you’ve just woken up in a tropical rainforest rather than an ordinary suburban bedroom. They also have the added quality of purifying the air, removing toxins to help promote a deeper, more restful sleep, and enable you to breathe easier. Popular house plants you could place in your bedrooms include the elegant peace lily, rubber plant, and the prehistoric-looking, evocatively named mother in law’s tongue.

3. Mix old and new

Some people prefer a minimalist look for their bedroom — no clutter, white walls and bed linen, little furniture — as a clean and tidy environment can promote the relaxation needed for a deeper sleep. Others have more maximalist tastes, liking to surround themselves with meaningful, comforting objects. Neither approach is wrong; it just depends on what works best for you. If you are a fan of the maximalist approach, you could mix old and new elements to create an interesting vibe in your bedroom. A 1930s chaise longue, for instance, paired with a 1970s dressing table and modern bed. You can more than likely source these classic, high-quality furniture pieces online from second-hand stores, and is often cheaper than buying new. Older furniture also has the advantage of having been made with quality materials that, with proper maintenance, will last for several generations. So, your 1950s wardrobe is likely to last long after your flat pack plywood chest of drawers is only a memory!