Vape Cartridges – What’s the Better Option, Tobacco, or CBD?

Vaping has become a far greater trend in society than conventional tobacco cigarette smoking, due to a few facts that have been included in the media and on online sources stating that vaping is meant to be better than smoking raw tobacco.

Whether this analysis has been done correctly or not, we are not sure. However, we are more interested in the safer option, that’s not cigarette smoking, or tobacco vaping but rather CBD vaping. Read more about studies done on the safety of this product as well as the benefits sought from it on this website.

This product does have a result-based analysis done on it and on its by-products that have been seen to provide only good results as opposed to unfavourable side-effects such as lung disease and cancer that come with tobacco.

What’s in a CBD Vape

When purchased from a reputable source, one can find that the product is formulated using specifically broad-spectrum hemp extract and clean ‘gold standard’ CO2 extraction methods. This is very important because when not extracted correctly one can find traces of THC present in the CBD oil, and this is the component that has psychoactive properties and causes you to get high. So, it is very important that the extraction methods are done properly and the oil contains less than 0.2%.

However, with modern methodologies, some manufacturers are striving to get that to 0%, and the purest form possible. So far, the best one has been the CO2, because it put the carbon dioxide under high pressure where the gas is then formed into a liquid and then passed through the plant material and the efficiency seen has been up to 90% and sometimes more.

The other ingredients present in the vape include propylene glycol (an organic compound approved by the FDA, give it a sweet taste), natural terpenes ( for example Limonene, Camphene, for flavor), vegetable glycerine, and MCT oil (a dietary supplement made up of MCT fats found in coconut oil).

What’s in a Tobacco Vape

There is a lot of conflicting information online and in media sources regarding these kinds of vapes. What we do know is that vapes with tobacco are also known as e-cigarettes, mods, pens, to name a few. They come in different shapes and sizes, some look like a normal cigarette, but they are electronic and require charging the battery to use them (like any other vapes).

There is also a lot of information that mentions e-cigarettes are the best way to swap out your normal cigarettes safely or that it is not harmful to your health. The way we see it is, swapping one tobacco product for another, may not be the best way to go about it.

E-cigarettes or tobacco vapes usually contain nicotine and carbon monoxide. Which, as we all know by now, is the substance responsible for creating an addiction to tobacco and for various other detrimental effects to the lungs, heart, skin, liver, bladder and the body in general Even when some products state they are nicotine-free, some have been found to contain it.

Nicotine on its own, is harmful to anyone, including pregnant women and young children, even if it is through second-hand smoke, and when it is combined with various other chemicals such as arsenic (used to preserve wood) or Cadium (a metal used to make batteries), Chromium (used to make alloys, paints, and dyes) which are only some of the many toxic chemicals found in tobacco products, image the damage it can do to you.

Since the idea of vaping came about, many brands have also mushroomed up with promises of organic and natural products, but if you don’t do your homework thoroughly and take their word for it, you may end up poisoning your system with things that can cause irreversible damage. Our advice is to make sure you buy from a reputable and well-known source.

If it is online go through their website and see if they are transparent about their ingredients and products, like this one for instance Cheefbotanicals which has various posts about CBD vaping, and read the list of ingredients on any product, see where it comes from and read user reviews that are not paid, but real peoples comments about these products, more than anything, the closer to nature the product is, the better it is.

In the end, if you’re asking yourself what’s the better option for you, the information above should help you decide.