The Importance of Finding a New Dentist When You Move to the Country

You’re happy with your new surroundings, but there’s still the need to ensure you have the best in health care. Along with finding a local doctor to see, it’s also a good idea to seek out a local dentist nearby that can become your new dental professional. Why is this important? Here are four reasons why finding a local dentist is something you want to do sooner rather than later.

Annual Exams Still Matter

While you may be in new surroundings, your teeth still need the same attention. That includes an annual dental exam. Allowing this to fall by the wayside increases the odds of developing problems later on. It also means once you do have those problems, the course of treatment will be more complex.

A better solution is to find a local dentist and set up an appointment for a complete exam. This provides the baseline for taking care of the teeth moving forward. You may be fortunate and the dentist finds that your teeth are in excellent shape. There’s also the possibility that the dentist will spot an emerging issue that either needs to be treated now or at least monitored closely over the next few weeks.

You Want Local Help With Dental Emergencies

Just about everyone will experience some type of dental emergency. It could be damaging the teeth during a fall. Maybe you sustain a direct hit to the mouth and chip or crack a few teeth. There’s the possibility of an infection setting up that needs immediate attention.

In all these scenarios, think of how much easier it would be to get help from a dentist who already knows you. All your dental records are right there for consultation, making it easier to settle on the best course of treatment. The odds of being able to recover from the emergency are much better under these circumstances.

There Are Teeth Cleanings Too

Along with annual exams, teeth cleanings are one of the best things that you can do for your oral health. Cleanings get rid of residue that’s left after brushing and flossing regularly. Doing so decreases the potential for tooth decay and also can remove elements that can weaken the enamel. If you have a local dentist who can oversee the cleanings, you’re much more likely to have them done than if you had to drive an hour or more to get to a dentist in a larger city.

And General Procedures That Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Along the way, it’s not unusual for people to need care other than annual exams and cleanings. When such a need arises, it’s good to know you already have things set up with a local dentist. If you need to remove a wisdom tooth due to crowding, it’s great to know there’s someone nearby who knows all the ways to remove your wisdom teeth and get the best results. The same goes if you need a dental bridge or some other type of replacement for one or more teeth.

The bottom line is that you need a dentist who’s closer to where you now reside. Find a professional and arrange to have your dental records transferred to the new practice. Once things are set up, see the dentist regularly. As the years pass, it will be a comfort knowing that help is only a few miles away.