Sono Bello and Other Scottsdale, AZ Clinics Debunk Botox Myths

Scottsdale, AZ is one of the cosmetic procedure capitals of the country. They dont do things by half here, as is clear from virtually every review left on the amp. However, one thing that has become clear from the many reviews is that there are a lot of statements out there that are simply not helpful. A review that states Botox is fantastic because it lasts forever, for instance, is simply untrue. This is why a range of clinics, including Sono Bello, have come together to address some of the most common myths about Botox.

Sono Bello Joins Forces to Address Botox Myths

The first big myth is that because botox is made from the botulinum toxin, it should never be injected into the body. The truth is that although botox does come from a bacterial toxin, it is used in a therapeutic manner for various conditions comma including wrinkles, excessive sweating, and migraines period from a medical perspective, the units of botox that are injected are completely safe. This is why they have also received FDA approval.

The next big myth is that botox is highly addictive. The truth is  that it is impossible to develop a physical dependency on the substance. Psychological dependence is possible, but that isn’t caused by botox. Rather, people develop a psychological dependence to looking younger and they will go to any lengths to retrieve that. People will have this type of dependence usually have a variety of other procedures as well. It is down to good positions to determine whether someone is heading in that direction, at which point they should refuse to offer the treatment.

Then, there is the frozen face myth. The media is very keen to show images of men and women alike who have, according to them, had so much botox that their face is frozen. In reality however, those images are from people who have had a botched facelift rather than botox. In theory, it’s certainly possible that botox would freeze a face by completely paralyzing the muscles. However, this would mean the substance was administered by a completely unethical or highly untrained professional.  Anyone who decides to have botox should take personal responsibility for checking out the credentials of the professional who will be administering the substance.

Botox, for many, has been somewhat of a miracle drug. It has potential to wipe years of someone’s face with relative ease, in a non-invasive manner. However, botox does have its limitations, in a such that it cannot transform a 90-year-old into a 16-year-old anymore. It is vital therefore, that people have realistic expectations in terms of what they can expect from their own procedure. Again, this is down to having a physician who is properly trained and to delivers an honest opinion. The most important thing is to remember that botox is perfectly safe, with the caveat that is must be done by a trained professional and not at some sort of cheap botox part.