Should I Consider An Oil Facial Cleanser in my Skincare Regimen?

Every skincare and beauty product brand seems to have an oil cleanser among their products. What is an oil face cleanser, and who should use it? If you use  cleansing oil, especially one that is easy to rinse, that would be an excellent addition to your skincare routine.

What is an oil cleanser?

A cleansing oil like those found at The Face Shop, is an alternative option for removing surface debris, makeup, or excess oil on your face. There are two major types of cleansers; a water-soluble cleanser and an oil-based cleanser.

Water-soluble cleansers have a foaming texture, gel, or cream. These cleansers clean with surfactants and ingredients. The ingredients react with the makeup, surface debris, and oil to react with water to remove all dirt.

High-quality formulated cleansers contain hydrants that leave the face feeling soft and smooth.

Nonetheless, many cleansers have surfactants. The cleanser’s oil is the most basic ingredient for effective cleaning of the skin.

Benefits of Using Cleansing Oils

Face cleansers are crucial products in a skincare routine. Cleansers have the following benefits:

  • It is the easiest way of removing makeup, sunscreen, and other surface debris from the skin
  • It leaves the skin soft, smooth, and supple rather than dry and tight
  • Are compatible with different types of cleansers if one choose to double cleanse
  • It gives a clean foundation to help avoid skin breakouts

How Do Oil Cleansers Work?

Oil-based products do not just leave the skin feeling supple; they also function as solvents. A solvent is a combination of ingredients that can dissolve similar substances commonly found on the face.

Oils are lipophilic, making them a unique type of solvent. This means that they are attracted to other oils, such as oils contained in makeup and sebum found in the human skin. This quality is what makes oil cleansers the ability to dissolve excess face oil and makeup oil, leaving the skin supple.

The surfactant and the emulsifier in the cleanser allow the oil to dissolve, combine and clean the face when rinsing it with water.

What skin type is best for oil-based cleansers?

All skin types can use oil cleansers, so long as it is formulated to be water-rinsed, removing all oil residues from the skin. The decision to use or not to use cleansing oil is determined by two things: the intensity of the makeup you use and personal preference.

Excellent cleansing oil may negate the need for a different makeup remover, thus cleaning the face much faster.

If cleansing oil does not contain ingredients such as fragrance, it is safe to use them for all skin types, even sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

How to use cleansing oil

Wet the skin and apply a small amount of the cleanser oil on a piece of cloth. Gently massage the face and the eye area in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

Always read the product label to seek directions for use. It will also give details on the constituting ingredients giving you information about the product.