Hydrate With Iced Tea And Make It A Little Sweet

It is no secret that staying hydrated is good for your mind, good for weight loss, and just overall good. Drinking plain water can get tiresome, and sodas have too much sugar. Many people have found that herbal tea with a little natural sweetener is not only nice tasting but also good for you. Here are some great herbal ice teas to try this summer and the natural sweeteners that are healthy.

Caffeine or No Caffeine

It is important to know that there is a difference between caffeinated and non-caffeinated teas. Teas like black tea and green tea have caffeine, no matter what flavor your drinking. Herbal teas, rooibos, and fruit teas have no caffeine in them. Always make sure on the box that you buy if it is caffeinated or not if you are concerned. There are many combination flavors out there, so if you are looking for no caffeine, just make sure it says so on the box.

Green Tea

This summer, the love affair with green tea will continue. Green tea has caffeine and a very mild taste. You can find green tea on all purchase levels. It is also possible to get the well-loved and healthy matcha green tea. Matcha is the crushed up baby tea leaves that the Japanese drink. The matcha is also linked to the Japanese ability to live a longer life than most. Matcha can be drunk by itself with ice because it has a nice flavor. Green tea, on the other hand, can have a bit of an earthy taste. Putting in a teaspoon of agave nectar is a great way to bring a little natural sweetness to your green tea on ice.

Ginger Tea

Ginger root is one of the most soothing spices we have for the stomach. Drinking ginger tea has a bit of a bite to it, but helps the stomach feel better. Adding lemon, ginger, and honey together in a warm tea is great for when you are not feeling well. Pour the ginger combination over ice and you have a refreshing healthy summer drink. Peach is a great compliment to ginger. You can add peach juice which has natural sugar in the peaches. You can add peaches to your tea for flavor and a little snack.

Coconut Lime Tea

Coconut will continue to be a star this summer. Have a combination of coconut water, tea, ice, and lime is a perfect low calorie healthy iced tea for the summer. Coconut has natural mild sugar in it. You can get coconut in your tea in many ways. They sell coconut milk, coconut cream, the coconut water, and you can always shave coconut into your drinks. You may want to sweeten your tea with a little more. Monk fruit sweetener is a healthy alternative to regular sugar. By using sugars that are less harmful to our bodies, it helps to keep diabetes away. Too much white refined sugar in our diets can contribute to heart disease. Natural sugar like agave nectar and fruit sugar have been found to help clear up arteries.

The Cost of Tea

The cheapest box of tea you can find is about 99 cents. This is not probably the best tea you can will find, but it is still tea. Herbal teas are generally to flavor your water to make it more palatable. There are really delicious teas in the grocery store for about $3.00. You can find teas up to about $25.00 in the stores now. Your task is to try different teas and find the best one you like. Not all teas are the same. Just because a tea is expensive, does not necessarily make it delicious. Different companies can make the same flavors in teas, but you may like one and dislike the other. It is very important to try as many teas as you can and find your favorites.

Summer will be here soon. Thinking about the best-iced teas and their natural sweeteners will be on your mind instead of coats and hot cocoa. Have fun with experimenting with different flavors and make a delicious ice tea for you and your family to drink