Fitness Classes London – Keeping Routines Fresh

Nothing kills enthusiasm quicker than a boring, run of the mill routine. Once you lose interest in something, you feel less inclined to do it. Eventually, you convince yourself that there is no good reason to keep going and you quit. Sound familiar? Of course it does, as more than likely you’ve already been there with your training. The World is a busy and hectic place, and you’re already less likely to want to repeat the same thing over and over. What’s worse, if you are not seeing the results that you started off to achieve, then you’ll convince yourself that it is all rather pointless. You’ll stop looking for fitness classes London, and head back to bad habits such as inactivity.

But don’t give up just yet, there is hope and here we look at ways of keeping routines fresh. With a little (but not too much) variety and more attention to detail, you’ll soon be finding that you’re once again hitting those fitness classes London, and doing so with a new found vigour. So if you feel like you’re on the edge of quitting, or perhaps you are looking to avert the problem before it even arises, then read on for more as we look to put the joy and fun back into fitness.

Why Change?

Firstly the need for change is to ensure that you keep going! But the need to change is actually more complicated that just staying fresh. Your body is a wonderful thing, it adapts, it learns and it performs. If however you keep asking it to do the same thing over and over, it becomes a little too easy and the body isn’t challenged – let alone the mind. What’s more, overworking body parts can lead to injuries and there is no quicker way to stop training than an injury.


You can change an exercise, and the benefits it gives by simply changing your form. For example if you do bicep curls sat on a weights bench, then try doing them stood up. You may also be able to alter the bar or “handle” that you are using, to hit your muscle groups that little bit differently. Changing your routine doesn’t have to mean doing something entirely new, it can involve doing the same things differently. Maintaining your posture is key at all times, but little changes can make big differences.


Your alarm goes off, you get up and go to the gym before work. But why? The answer is easy, because you always have. So, why not try going to one of the fitness classes London in the afternoon or evening, or perhaps at lunch? This may sound simple, but it can work! Simple is often best remember.


You’re plodding along on a treadmill, mile after mile…no wonder you’re bored! Why not change the speed and tempo of your workout, trying HIIT for example (High Intensity Interval Training) where you go all out for a time, then 80%, then 50% and then rest. Those little adjustments can really wake your body up!

As well as faster, it’s great to slow down. Think of lifting weights, and instead of banging out rep after rep, focus on your form and perform the reps slowly and definitively. Concentrate and feeling the muscles working. It’s amazing how you can probably do many reps quickly but get tired sooner when you’re going slower!


You’re all creatures of habit, so in order to change the results, change the habit. Instead of the treadmill, jump on the rowing machine, you’ll find out how different that feels within the first 5 minutes. It will also make you feel like your truly pushing yourself again, which is a great way to revitalise your routine.


You may train alone, so why not get a training partner or personal trainer (though the latter will of course cost money). If there isn’t anybody suitable that you can think of, why not join a class? You may have already dismissed certain fitness classes as “not for you” but never be so dismissive of something you’ve never tried. Give it a go and you may actually discover a new passion!

You focus on your health and fitness because you feel you have too – and to an extent you’re right. But why not try looking upon it as something to enjoy rather than endure. If you adopt some of these tips, things will feel fresh again and you’ll remember why you started training in the first place. So get changed, and change things up.