5 Ways to Get Healthy in the City This Summer

Everyone should care about their health. City life can be hectic. It may be difficult to find the time or the time or space to do things like exercise or cook nutritious meals. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home in an urban area, there are several methods you can use to get healthier this summer.

Discover Your Local Parks and Green Spaces

Most cities have some green space within their borders. In the U.S., Atlanta comes in with the most at 1,023 ft2 per person. Dallas, Texas and Portland, Oregon come in just behind. New York City has the least amount of green space, with just 146 ft2 per person, followed by Miami with 166 ft2.

Even if you live in NYC or Miami, you should still take the time to explore the parks and green spaces in your area. This is a great way to exercise and it can have mental health benefits.

Check Out the City’s Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are everywhere. You don’t have to live next to a farm to get the freshest, locally produced vegetables and fruits. Most cities have at least one or two markets throughout the year. Find out when yours are happening and make a point to do some of your grocery shopping there.

This will encourage you to eat healthier foods. The closer to the source a food item is, the better it is for your body.

Get Your Weekly Dose of Sunshine

Sunshine isn’t just nice to look at – it’s also a great source of vitamin D! An estimated 40% of adults in America are vitamin D deficient. The easiest way to get vitamin D is by going out in the sun. When your skin is exposed to natural light, it turns cholesterol into vitamin D.

Connect Electric wants to share the benefits of the sun, but also warn against the risk of too much exposure. A safe strategy is to spend 10 to 15 minutes in the sun between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm a few times a week. Put on sunblock if you plan to spend more time outside. This time can be adjusted for people with fairer skin.

Create a Quiet Place for Relaxation

Today’s cities tend to have activity all day and, in some areas, all night. It can be difficult to find a quiet place to relax. Create your own space with what you have. Reserve a small corner or room in your home and make it comfortable. Add a chair or couch to rest on with low lighting and anything that makes you feel calm.

Spend a little time in this space each day. You can use it as an escape to read, meditate, or just enjoy the peace. It’s a good way to improve mental health and relieve tension, which can cause aches and pains.

Walk More and Drive or Ride Less

Walking to places instead of driving is a good way to add cardio exercise into your day while cutting fuel costs and helping the environment. If a destination is close enough, walk there! You can start with places that are closer to home to condition your body. Once you can handle that easily, try increasing the distance.

There are many ways that you can use to get healthy this summer. Try these methods and rediscover the city you call home!