What You Should Know If You’re Into Watches

Collecting watches is one of the most rewarding, entertaining, and luxurious hobbies out there. It’s particularly fun because it allows you to eventually build your own style and ideas based on what you’ve learned and what’s available in your market. More importantly, it doesn’t take a specific skill to figure out what kind of watch you’d like. It’s all based on quality and how you like the way it looks. Today, we’ll talk about some important tips and tricks to get your watch collection started in no time. 

Get set up

 The most important start to any collection is ease of access to the collection itself. What does this look like? Start reading watch magazines, following watch accounts on Instagram, and noticing people’s watches. It’s also important to make sure you have the tools and people present to make your collection a success. Figure out who you’re buying from and their reputability. Buy some watch rolls, and do your homework on the subject. 

Ask yourself why you want to collect watches

A lot of people see watch collecting as some sort of “rich man’s game”, and while that’s a pretty mean stereotype, there is some truth to it. For one, you want to be able to afford the hobby. Lots of nice watches are in the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars. If you’re seriously considering this financial investment of a hobby, make sure that the price is right for you. Also ask yourself “Why do I even want watches in the first place?” If you are considering watches as some sort of investment strategy, your heart is in the wrong place. It’s true that watches increase in value, but it takes a long time and they are easily damageable. Make sure you’re in it for the watches themselves and not some “get rich quick” scheme.

Pick out your favorites from the start

With any good collection, you want to build from a steady foundation. If you’re collecting records, you want high quality classic vinyls that aren’t very obscure. If you’re collecting coins, you get the ones that everybody has first. It sounds boring, but it’s the same with watches. Get yourself that classic Rolex Timepiece or old fashioned Omega. Not only is it better to start with the vanilla basics as a beginner, but this will be a good starting point for future endeavours. Consider a watch collection like an iceberg. The first place one looks at is the very top, and you move down to more specifics from there. Plus, this gives you an idea of what you’re really truly looking for. 

Branch out 

Once you’ve gotten some great pieces from a reliable seller, it’s time to look further into other possible sales and brands. A lot of times, you might be convinced to buy into whatever fad is popular at the moment, but there’s more to watch collection than what meets the eye. Everybody wants pieces for clout, but the real gems are often in more limited edition, lesser known watches. Good luck, and have fun!