Eight Versatile Staples for Your Closet

Everyone has a personal style, and yet, every wardrobe can be built up around a few style staples. These staples work with any look you are going for, and are positively timeless. They are worth investing in, getting tailored if applicable, and caring for throughout your life. These eight versatile staples are timeless and classic, can be dressed up or down, and are a joy to have in your wardrobe:

1. The Classic Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is a style classic, and for good reason! It suits masculine looks, feminine looks, minimal looks, maximalist looks, and so much more. It is a great grounding staple that can be worn again and again. It looks great on its own or layered, and the only thing you need to care for is the quality and longevity of the piece.

You don’t have to stick with old and outdated styles, either. There are plenty of options, from cape style trench coats to edgy and striking looks available at Trench London.

2. The Luxury White T-Shirt

A white t-shirt is an underrated classic in any wardrobe, but don’t be mistaken: the difference between a quality t-shirt and a poor quality one can be massive. Poor quality shirts will not only use less cotton to make, but they will also be made with poorer quality cotton, and the weave will be less dense.

This does not mean that the most expensive t-shirt on the market is the best. Aim for an ethically produced shirt. Some even contain silver to reduce odors, making them a style classic that gives back.

3. A Cashmere Crew Jumper

Cashmere similarly comes in many different qualities. Grade A cashmere is made of the longest hairs, is the softest, and the most long-lasting. A great quality cashmere crew jumper is comfortable, cozy, and beautiful and a must for any closet.

4. Tailored Blazer

Blazers are a great way to layer up during winter and can act as your coat during the warmer months as needed. They work best, however, when you take them in to be tailored to fit you perfectly.

5. Staple Button Down

A well-fitted button-down shirt is essential, especially for women. This will mean getting it tailored to your body. Women with larger breasts, in particular, will want to buy a high-quality shirt that fits comfortably around their bust and then have the shirt taken in around their waist.

6. Breton Top

A Breton top is a fun classic that adds a bit of French sophistication to your closet.

7. Perfectly Fitted Jeans

Jeans are a style staple, but if they do not fit properly or do not flatter your body, then you have missed an opportunity for a truly versatile piece. Be patient and find a company that suits your style and body needs.

8. The Little Black Dress

The same applies to the little black dress. You will want to first and foremost know how to dress for your body. Knowing how to dress for your shape will help you choose and invest in a black dress that compliments your shape and makes you look fantastic.