Recognizing the Efforts of Volunteers and Other Community Center Workers

The corporate world, which involves businesses that focuses on retail and finance, is slowly transforming, and they are now integrating philanthropy into their integral corporate values. As a result, employees who are working for these companies are encouraged to participate in activities that promote volunteerism. Many people who love to join philanthropic activities feel flattered every time the people they are helping are thanking them for their assistance. However, there are employees who prefer not to join the philanthropic activities hosted by the company. Despite the number of employees who would not want to join these types of activities, the company can still do something to encourage them to participate.

The first thing that the company should do is to conduct philanthropic activity during company time. The employees can be encouraged and persuaded by the higher-ups to join the event, especially if this would promote the brand and increase their reputation. The time spent on creating paper works and other office responsibilities can be used for different philanthropic activities instead. It will make your employees interested in helping out, and there will be a lot of positive results from this decision. Always remember to respect the decision of the employees when it comes to philanthropic activities, and if the event will be happening on a weekend, try to ask them politely if they would like to volunteer.

Community centers are among the favorite beneficiaries of corporate philanthropic activities. Many businesses look at community centers as the best event venue because of the number of people who can benefit from their program. Employees who are joining the events at community centers are provided with incentives, and those who are performing as the best team are also receiving awards and recognition from the company.

The next thing that the company needs to do is to provide the participating employees with the resources. If the activity will be conducted in a far community, the company should provide transportation. The expenses for the transport should not be passed onto the employees – instead, the company should spend money on hiring transportation, gasoline, and the salary for the drivers. Another thing that the company should consider would be the payment for the food of the employees who will be joining the event, and the things that will be given to the beneficiaries of the philanthropic activity.

Whenever an awards and recognition program is held after a major volunteer activity, the recipients of the awards find it meaningful and unexpected that they are the ones who will be receiving the recognition. It also empowers them and increases their confidence in doing their best the next time a philanthropic activity is hosted by a company.

For the plaques, trophies, and certificates that will be given on the day of the awards ceremony for volunteers, companies are working with third-party businesses to supply the materials. Acrylic awards are among the most favorite because of the diversity in design and their durability. These type of awards also look elegant, as the majority are being made with the top quality materials.

Finally, companies should assign the employees a particular task during the event. Those who have signed up to join a corporate philanthropic activity should get a specific task and dedicate their time and energy to complete it. Many employees find it exciting that they will be going to a different place and offer assistance to a lot of people, and they are overwhelmed with the number of attendance that these activities generate. It also encourages them to participate in future philanthropic activities, and they can also bring others to join.

Volunteerism has become one of the main focus of companies today, especially with the public eye going after them. The use of social media allowed the companies to project their influence to a larger audience, and with the philanthropic activities rolling out rapidly, many companies are becoming popular because of the activities that they have supported or initiated. For employees, volunteering provides a breath of fresh air, especially if they are feeling burned out inside their workplace. It is another way to relax and enjoy the presence of other people around them. Volunteering is good for the body, and it also improves our social and communication skills.