How to Keep Your Employees Motivated

One of the most important aspects that employers need to take on board is to keep employees motivated in order to boost productivity and keep profits flowing for the business. If, however, your employees are uninterested in their tasks and dread the thought of coming into work, you’ll not only be forced to deal with an unhappy workplace environment, but potentially even lower yearly turnover. With this in mind, you should have the ambition of improving employees’ experience in the workplace to boost their motivation and job performance. This blog provides a list of useful tips you may wish to take on board to achieve this:

Provide supportive leadership

Leadership is one of the key factors in boosting employee motivation. Those who are good leaders strive to work closely with employees to enhance their progression and allow them to feel more comfortable and content within their job roles. All employers should have the ambition of becoming a role model for their employees to which they aspire to reach your high standards and experience level.

Encourage teamwork

There is nothing more isolating than employees working separately on individual projects with minimal chat in the office. It is through teamwork that employees become more enthusiastic about their projects, as they are able to bounce ideas off one another and ultimately work in a much happier and cooperative environment. Healthy competition among employees, as well as working collaboratively, will keep them on their toes and looking forward to the next challenge they are set.


Fundraising in the workplace is the perfect way to help employees stay driven. It allows employees to build and nurture relationships within the workplace itself and externally and reinforce the your company culture. If you’re planning on starting a fundraiser, it would be wise to run a poll across the company in regard to which non-profit organization they would be interested in raising funds for. There are also plenty of fun and interesting ways your employees can raise cash for the chosen charity, including the opportunity to sell engraved bricks or by holding sponsored walks. The former idea is an inspiring way to attract people to donate and a lot of fun!

While you may believe that fundraising is a hindrance to your business’ productivity, it can in fact, positively impact your business’ public image and as a result, be much more help you to sell your products and services to a certain target audience.

Recognize and reward

Employees that are recognized for their hard efforts will be much more stimulated to meet their goals. You could think about starting a rewards program for when employees surpass expectations or meet their required targets.

Showing appreciation for your employees’ achievements is one of the best motivators – especially when there is a heavy workload or tasks are gruelling and repetitive. It shows that the company values them, which not only helps retain the best talent within your business, but also will in time, increase profit turnover as a result of increased employee productivity.