How to Secure Your Vehicles From Theft

Having a vehicle stolen, be it from your business or your very own vehicle can be a galling experience and whilst insurance may cover costs and replace the vehicle, it doesn’t make this any less frustrating. Remember that having a vehicle stole is about much more than just the vehicle, there is the potential that you have possessions inside the vehicle, not to mention the feeling of annoyance that someone took something from you.

Naturally, then it is important that you understand the steps that you can take to reduce the possibility that you have vehicles stolen.

GPS Software

Tracking devices in the main are one of the best ways of securing your vehicle and there are a number of ways in which they are able to do just that.

Initially, we can look at the way in which GPS software can be used to recover your vehicle once it has been stolen. This is something which greatly increases the chances of you getting your vehicle back in one piece, as well as bring the perpetrators to justice.

Whilst some car thieves do understand how to disable a GPS tracking device, in the main your average vehicle thief does not and simply showcasing that you have one of these trackers is enough to deter them entirely. This technology can be used for much more than just maps, and they can really help you to beef up security.

Don’t Advertise

Naturally, nobody wants to advertise their car as one to potentially steal, but many will do this without realizing what they are doing, through naivety more than anything else.

When we talk about advertising your car we mean leaving expensive items on display inside the vehicle, even something as foolish as leaving keys in the car, near the car or worse yet, in the ignition. A GPS tracker will do little to protect your vehicle if you are literally handing the thief the keys to the castle, or the vehicle in this case. Make sure that you always lock your vehicle and store the keys in a safe place.

Being Aware of New Technology

In today’s world, we have a wealth of new tech in our cars and trucks, which have turned them into computers on wheels, unfortunately, however, those computers can be easily hacked.

GPS tracking is not the only technology in our vehicles and there are some pieces of tech which can actually leave us more vulnerable. For example, the contactless keys that we have, they are great for getting in and out and save us a great deal of time. Unfortunately however these keys can be used by thieves to open our vehicles and drive them away. If you have left your keys by the front door, or insight from the outside, then it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to use a smart piece of kit to grab the signal from those keys. Using a laser they can connect to the key and extend the signal so that they can open the vehicle and start it up too.

Generally speaking, vehicle theft is something which happens less and less, but it does happen and you should do what you can to secure your own vehicles.