The Top 5 Benefits Of Using Condoms

Empirical studies support the potency of condoms. In essence, condoms have been found to be effective in terms of protecting sexually active individuals against STIs such as gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia as well as unwanted pregnancy. Similarly, condom use is also largely linked with a lower incidence rate of cervical cancer, which is an HPV (human papillomavirus) related disease. In general, it is important for sexually active individuals to have access to condoms for purposes of protecting their health as well as lives.Here are some of the benefits you can gain from using condoms:

1. They are effective against STIs

Both internal and external condoms are not only a measure for birth control, but also help to reduce the transmission of STIs such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia. Further, despite a different type of birth control, it is still worth using condoms any time you have sex for purposes of protecting yourself against STIs.

2. Condoms are cheap and convenient

It is easy to get you pack of condoms from drug stores, health centers or grocery stores. This is because, you do not need a prescription to get a hold of your pack of condoms. In addition, they are relatively cheap and portable thus making it easier to get big protection against STIs or unwanted pregnancy.

3. They act as a supplement to other birth control methods

In addition to other forms of birth control such as pill, ring or implant, can provide an extra layer of protection, for instance, against unintended pregnancy. It is important to note that there is no method that is 100% effective. As such, using condoms as a back up can help you to guard yourself against pregnancy, especially if you make an error with other methods of birth control that you might be using.

4. They are sexy

Condoms offer both protection and pleasure, a major reason why it is widely used by sexually active individuals. Condoms are made in different styles, shapes as well as textures that aims to increase sensation during coitus.

5. They rarely have side effects

A significant number of sexually active individuals can use condoms without any problem or complaints. However, in rare circumstance, latex condoms are believed to cause irritation, especially among individuals who are allergic or sensitive to latex. In addition, the lube on some types of condoms can also cause irritation. As such, in case you are allergic to latex, it is advisable that you try switching brands or consider using plastic condoms. Non-latex condoms are also easily accessible in the same place where latex condoms are sold.


Research has shown that prezervatyvai  are highly effective in terms of protecting you against some of the dangerous STIs and unintended pregnancy. In essence, while you can use other forms of birth control, you may still need to rely on a condom to provide you an extra layer of protection not only against STDs, but also unwanted pregnancy. On the same note, they are easily accessible, cheap and convenie