Getting Help for Your Pet

Whatever pet you keep, whether it’s a cat, dog or rabbit, fish, lizard or bird, there’s nothing more worrying than realising it’s sick and in need of help. Today we’re taking a look at some of the ways you can get help for your pet when it needs it, and feel reassured you’re being a caring and responsible owner for the lives in your charge.

A Trip to the Vet?

If your pet has a serious health issue, then the best thing you can do is take them to the vet. They can diagnose precisely what’s wrong, from observation, descriptions of them symptoms, blood tests and examinations, and get them the treatment they need, whether it’s surgery, medication or a change in diet.

The problem is visiting the vet is stressful, for you and your pet. For larger pets, like dogs and cats, being persuaded (or forced) into a carrier, removed from their home and taken to a noisy room full of other anxious animals can be an extremely upsetting experience. Even for smaller, less independent pets like fish, a trip to the vet means removal from the environment that normally sustains them and the risk of transport.

This means that if your pet isn’t seriously ill and doesn’t need the vet, taking them there is difficult and counter-productive.


You could also try to learn more about your chosen pets. If you recognise the signs and symptoms of some of the health problems they encounter, then you’ll be able to provide better care for them as well as judge whether or not you need to take them to the vet.

For example, knowing that dogs often experience upset stomachs helps to dissipate the worry you might feel when yours suffers. It also helps you identify the more concerning symptoms that show when a bout of vomiting is not simply because your dog found an old sandwich in a hedge, but a sign of a more serious problem. As well as that, it helps you care for your dog until it starts to feel better. Another example is if you have an old cat that is not using their litter box anymore, just realize they have achy joints and need a senior cat litter box with low sides. Investing the time in learning more about your pet’s health is evidently worthwhile.

Advice and Help

However much you learn, there will always be occasions when you need a bit more expertise and advice. Online vet help might just be what you need. An online vet consults via the web, using pictures, phone calls and video calls to learn about your pet and its health. This is a limitation – they can’t pick them up, examine them closely or conduct blood tests, but they can diagnose a range of common problems and spot the warning signs that a vet’s trip is necessary! If you’re not sure whether your pet cat is seriously ill or just a bit under the weather, an online vet may be just what you need.