Learn the Tactics Used by Online Casinos to Entice New Business

Online casino sites offer various bonuses and rewards as a way to attract new players and to reward loyal players, but the exact details of what is on offer various from site to site. This kind of incentives offered is a useful method of deciding which online casino sites to use.

New players and new VIP members are always offered perks and incentives to draw them in and is often the first point that a new player will touch on in order to decide if a casino site is worth their time and, more importantly, their money. If the player feels as though they are getting a good deal, they will be more likely to take the plunge into using that particular offering.

Existing members also benefit from various bonuses and rewards as this keeps them engaged and interested in staying where they are instead of looking elsewhere for a better deal. If an existing member feels as though their time and money is appreciated and rewarded, then they will save themselves the trouble of shopping around for a new place to play. Additionally, they may spread word of an online casino site that has particularly good benefits to their friends, thus increasing the range of potential players.

Choosing which online casino site to go with will include elements of the kind of games you want to play and what is on offer, what themes you enjoy, whether you like a slow-burn kind of game or a high-risk high reward style, or the bet levels available. All of these are entirely subjective and will vary from person to person, however the bonus offers are a good standard way to compare the options.

Sign Up Bonuses

Most standard bonuses will include an upfront reward of a certain amount of credit just for registering an account. These can easily be compared between sites and can often be seen at a glance. In addition, these can be taken advantage of in order to test out an online gambling site you are interested in. Is it easy to navigate? Easy to add credit? Do you like their game selection? All of this can be worked out just by using the sign-up bonus credits you are awarded.

Be aware of the terms and conditions of these sign-up bonuses, however. Most online casino sites require a deposit to be made before awarding the bonus credit in order to ensure people aren’t just account hopping in order to pay for free. If the minimum deposit amount is at a level you are comfortable spending, then this sign up bonuses can be invaluable to getting the best deal.

Match Bonuses

If an online casino site offers a Match bonus, that means they will add more credit than the amount that you have paid for. For example, if you deposit £100 and the match bonus is set to 150%, you will get £150 worth of credit to pay with. Depending on what the match bonus is (can be anywhere from 20% to 400%), this can be a great way to get bonus credit.

Keep in mind that there are often maximum bonus limits, especially on the higher percentage offers, in order to prevent excessively large amounts being deposited and thus getting an equally excessive amount of credit for “free”. There are also often minimum deposits in order to qualify for match bonus, typically between £10 and £30.

Sticky Bonuses

Sticky bonuses can be a good way to enjoy online gambling without spending your own money! The idea is that you are given free credit to spend on a game you like and then, once a certain wagering limit is reached, any winnings you make you can then withdraw, minus however much the sticky bonus was to begin with. For example, if a sticky bonus gives you £100 worth of credits, and you play enough of a game to have a credit balance of £250 after meeting the wagering requirements, you can then cash out but instead of getting the full £250 balance, you get £150 (minus the initial gift of credits).

Loyalty Bonuses

As the name implies, these are bonuses given to players to reward their loyalty. They typically consist of free spins or credit bonuses as a player rises through the ranks of a casino’s standing. This usually requires a player to play a certain number of games in order to qualify but, if you like the online casino site you are at, then it can be a good incentive to stay there instead of shopping around.

Free Play Casino Bonuses

These are bonuses that allow the player to play for free, but unlike sticky bonuses, no winnings can be withdrawn. They are mostly used as part of a promotion, to showcase a new game or suite of games, and either have a spin limit or a time limit. While this kind of bonus is not financially viable, it can be a nice little addition if you like to hop around games and try different things before committing to putting money down on a game. These kinds of bonuses are often given out when there is a slot tournament taking place in order to drive interest in the game used in the tournament. That way a player can test out the game, see if they like it, and maybe decide to try their luck in the tournament.

Refer a Friend Bonuses

This is often the most incentive of all the bonuses offered for online casino sites as it drives the company’s player base, If you have a lot of friends who enjoy playing slots online and would be willing to use your referral code, then you will receive a percentage of their first deposit. As such, this should be one of the first things compared as it can be the most lucrative.

Ultimately, finding the best online casino site based on their bonus offerings will come down to personal preference and personal circumstance. But, with this information, you should be able to make an informed decision and find the best deal. Happy gambling!