How to get more People to an Open House

Source: Unsplash | Philipp Berndt

Although there a lot of other new ways to market houses, an open house still remains an effective strategy. Most people think they only need to throw a few yard signs to attract potential buyers. The truth is that it is not an easy process and can turn out to be a nightmare.

Location is very important when buying a property. Off plan projects in Dubai such as Dubai Creek Harbour are currently attracting a lot of investors. It is home to The Lagoons which are some of the most popular villas for sale in Dubai.

Whether you’re marketing a property in a new project or in an older one, here are some tips to attract more potentials buyers to an open house:

1. Find a suitable day

You should find out the best day to hold an open house. Real estate experts indicate that open houses receive the highest number of attendees on weekends. Since the UAE is a Muslim country, weekends fall on Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, most families attend the Salaat al-Jumu’ah prayers and therefore it may not be a suitable day to hold an open house.

2. Take advantage of social media

Nowadays, the internet and proliferation of smartphones have changed the way we do many things including selling homes. In particular, social media platforms provide an easy and cheap method to get the word out. According to recent research, most buyers first search for potential homes for sale online before visiting open houses.

3. Spread the word offline

Even though the internet has taken a full swing in the real estate industry, it does not mean traditional marketing methods are obsolete. Before you even open the house, you can start to promote it to the neighbours. Most likely, they have friends and relatives looking for a new home. For instance, you can make ‘Just Listed’ cards and distribute to immediate neighbours. Also, you can place open house flyers on bulletin boards around the neighbourhood.

4. Signage

Putting appropriate signage will not only lead attendees to the open house, but it will also announce in the neighbourhood that there is a house on sale. A sign outside the house is not enough. According to real estate experts, signs should be placed at major intersections and every turn from the main street.

5. Offer free food

This is a very simple but very effective way of attracting more people to your open house. It may sound like a costly endeavour but it can be a valuable marketing strategy. For instance, if the house has a nice backyard, you can hold a barbecue to showcase it.