Romantic Gifts That Show The Man In Your Life That You Love Them

When shopping for the man in your life, sometimes choosing the right gift can seem impossible and finding out what he wants can be really tough, especially if you’re trying to keep it a secret. Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the most expensive but are something they would use. For example, if he has a big beard think about getting him some Jericho Beard Oil, or maybe a good set of clippers to trim it. Additionally, gifts that that you put some personal thought, care, and attention into are always greatly appreciated and often mean more than something expensive.

Handmade Christmas card

Even if you aren’t particularly arty, a handmade card can be a wonderful way to show the man in your life that you love them.

Create a design depicting a special moment in your lives, perhaps your first Christmas together or the night you met. Combine this with a heartfelt message, and you have a truly meaningful token of your affection.

Some ideas to make your DIY card extra special are:

  • Using paper to make a ‘pop-up’ festive wreath design.
  • Use doilies to create a snowflake design, or fold doilies and use sequins and glitter to create a snowy Christmas tree.
  • Use your child’s (or your own) fingerprint to add the berries to a Christmas wreath or sprig of holly.
  • Use yarn to sew a colorful design into your card.


Music is a truly effective way of triggering memory, which is what makes a mixtape such a special gift. Spend a little time thinking about the important moments in your lives together and the songs that go along with them. First dance at your wedding? A song that was playing while you had your first kiss? These should all go on the mixtape!

You can also choose songs that express the way you feel in a way that is sometimes just impossible with words alone.

Little things

Some of the most important ways you can show your love are through the little things, so why not take a leaf out of their book and show them that you love them the way they would show you. If you are thinking, “well, how do men show love?” then, fortunately, you can learn more about this on Masculine by Design. They claim that masculine love is self-sacrificing. For others, who aren’t particularly vocal or expressive, they might show their love to you through their actions, such as being affectionate. For example, they might bring you food when you are sick or work a double shift so that you can afford to go on a trip that you really want.

People tend to express love in the way that they like to receive it, so think about how the man in your life shows his love to you and replicate this when you are planning the best way to show your love to him.

Date night

One of the best gifts for anyone in a couple is quality time with the person that they love.

Plan out a date night at home, and you will make them feel really important and show how much you care.

Some great ideas for date nights at home are:

  • Dress up and have a fancy dinner
  • Give each other massages
  • Paint each other’s portraits. They will probably look terrible, but you’ll have a great time doing it!
  • Have an indoor picnic. Prepare lots of tasty finger food and spread a blanket out on the floor. Light the whole thing with candles and pop some champagne – lovely!