Birthday Surprise Ideas For Your Loved Ones

There are many joyous occasions to celebrate, but there are none like birthdays. Birthdays are the most awaited event of the year. Birthdays of friends, families, and relatives are quite special to their dearest ones. There is one more thing that makes birthdays special, and that is the surprise element. Birthday surprises are something that not only the guest of honour but their dear ones also are excited about. Some like to do the birthday countdown, while others look forward to something creative.

So, here are a few inspirations of birthday surprises for you.

  • Balloon Decor Surprise: Helium Balloons, Foil Happy Birthday Balloons, Latex and Mylar balloon bouquets are some of the recent balloon decor ideas. You can order these balloon decorations online and do it yourself, or you can avail the decor services also from an online portal. Get the room decorated with balloons, blindfold the birthday guest of honour, pop the party popper and shout out loud “Surprise.” If you are doing on your own these are your hits:
  • On a wall, decorate Happy Birthday Balloons
  • From the ceiling, hang balloons with ribbons
  • On doors and other areas, place balloons arranged as flowers
  • Hang that streamer curtain on the wall and paste some pictures over it.
  • Decorate the corner with a balloon bouquet.
  • Midnight Cake Delivery: Birthday cakes are an important part of the surprise. Avail midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad for your dearest one or send midnight cake delivery to your dearest ones residing anywhere in India. Many reputed bakeries and gift portals facilitate you with this service. To make it look like a surprise, you can take the following hints:
  • Along with the midnight cake delivery, send flowers or gifts.
  • If possible, do not mention your name and let the person guess.
  • If you are with the guest of honour, let him or she receive the cake order
  • As soon as the midnight cake delivery is made, gather around and start singing Happy Birthday.
  • Surprise Gift: Just like a cake is important for a birthday; a gift is also essential for birthdays. You can give gifts like flowers, personalised tokens, travel accessories and other related items. But, a surprise gift is something more unique and desirable. Some of the surprise gift ideas for you are:
  • An explosion box with a teddy bear and heart-shaped balloons
  • A parachute with a hot balloon and chocolates
  • A custom basket with confetti balloons
  • A printed balloon bouquet in the room
  • You wrapped in a ribbon as a gift
  • Birthday Vacation: For two wanderlust souls, every opportunity is a good excuse to escape. What’s better than a birthday to have a vacation? If not out of the country or city, you can plan the surprise within the city at some resort or hotel.
  • If its a beach location, you can wish happy birthday by writing on the sand
  • In a hotel or resort, make special arrangements like champagne with rose petal decorations
  • A surprise cake with a violinist/guitarist/flutist at the location
  • Birthday Hugs and Love: This surprise is for your beloved one. Give birthday hugs in the morning and make love the entire day. Now, if you are thinking about how to make it more endearing than the rest of the days, then here are your love cues:
  • Early morning snuggles and cuddles with breakfast
  • Pampering session with bubble bath
  • Afternoon brunch at a fancy restaurant where you can have a good romantic time

Birthdays are indeed very special for the recipient. With these gestures make them even more cherishable. If you have more ideas to add, please let us know.