Mountain Homes and More, The Benefits of Living in the Great Outdoors

If you were retired and had plenty of time and money on your hands, what would be your perfect home? Are you someone who enjoys city living in a plush penthouse? Or do you prefer to reside in one of the beautiful mountain homes that overlooks the great outdoors? There are of course many benefits to both ways of living and today we are going to focus on the more natural side of things and take a look at what life is like when you live in nature. This is not to say that you must live in a remote wilderness of course, but being close to nature carries with it a large number of benefits.

Self Sufficient

When you live in nature you will have the chance to grow your own food and you can begin two contribute towards going self-sufficient. The choice would of course be yours as to whether you plant apple trees or pear tress, grow tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce or cucumber, or indeed all of the above. There is something truly wonderful about heading out into the garden to pick your own herbs or ingredients and living in nature will give you access to doing just that.

The Views

There is no way on earth that you would ever get tired of the views of a natural setting and no matter as to whether that is gazing over the tree line, watching the valley roll or simply staring across large planes. IF you were to choose a natural place to live then you will have a delightful view each and every day that would change with the seasons to provide you with something new.


Living in nature is far healthier for you and there are really 2 main reasons for this. The first reason is that the air is infinitely cleaner than it would be if you lived in a city and the lack of air pollution means that your lungs can breathe in far more of that wonderful Oxygen. The second reason is that you are far more likely to be involved in physical activity if you live in nature because there is more opportunities for you to do so. If you live in the city then you will have to find a park or a gym to go and duo some exercise in, living in nature means that you can open your door and go.


There are many places around the world where communities are being eroded and this lack of community can be found at the source of many social problems. In rural areas however there is a great sense of community and this is something which you can count on when you live in the great outdoors. A community is vitally important for safety and for happiness and you will be able to count on that when you move to a rural setting.

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  1. I am interested to learn that homes in mountainous regions benefit from having farmer-owners. I am admittedly not the best farmer I know, but I would like to improve my agricultural skills in the future. I will look into homes in outdoors-type regions.

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