Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury announced that he’s stepping inside the ring again and planning on going right back to the top of the heavyweight division after a break from fighting (for various reasons) that will have lasted 924 days. The live betting odds will tell you he’s more than likely going to win his warm up fight against an unknown opponent but how is he going to fare when he comes against one of the top dogs again?

AJ and Wilder have been pretty active since Fury last fought, staying in shape and keeping themselves busy dominating the division. Fury on the other hand has piled on the pounds, got injuries and has been living the high life. Even before his long hiatus from the sport, he pulled out of the initial rematch with Klitchko with a badly twisted ankle, without much more information, could he have been hiding a bigger injury? We’ve looked at the punishment Fury’s body has been through and laid it all out below to help you out: