Taking care of older parents? What you need to know

There comes a time in our family lives when our care-giving responsibilities change, and you may need to think about taking care of older relatives, as well as the younger generation. If you are sandwiched between looking after your own children and looking after aging parents, you are certainly not alone. While it can bring its own challenges, there are some excellent resources out there to help. Read on to find out more about useful ways to help navigate this subject.

Does your home meet your needs?

A lot of people will try to find a way to take care of aging parents within their own home and done well. There can be numerous benefits to this. The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren can have several physical and mental health advantages for both sides, as well as for parents. Not only does this make finding childcare much easier, but it also helps to alleviate feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and isolation for older people, and can be a great learning resource for younger children.

Despite these many advantages, it is important to check if your family home meets the needs of your whole family, if you are planning to have a multi-generation household. As well as having adequate space for everyone, you may also need to make adaptations or special facilities for elderly parents, such as bathroom modifications, or ground level access. You may need to invest time researching what kind of needs your older family members may have, before making any major decisions. This is especially important if you have an elderly parent who is dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, as at some point a memory care facility may be best for them.

Should you choose a care home?

Another option for taking care of elderly parents is choosing a care home. While in the past, this was often stigmatized in many communities, increasingly this is seen as a positive and empowering step, both for aging adults and their families. There are many care facilities such as the Silverado Beverly Place and others, where there is a great balance provided between providing the right level of care and support, while still maintaining an independent atmosphere.

Before choosing a care home, you may want to take an in-person or virtual tour of a facility to understand what kind of amenities are available and meet with staff and existing residents to find out what their experiences have been, and how they feel being there.

Are you being realistic?

Caring for aging parents is often a highly emotional subject, as well as a practical issue. After all, we will often want to provide the best level of care and support for our parents or other relatives and to make sure that they enjoy their later years as much as possible.

There are many important issues to take into account, such as health concerns and financial stability, and these can limit the options available to you. To find a solution that works for everyone, it is important to be as honest and realistic as possible and consider everyone’s preferences and concerns before making any kind of decision.