How a Breast Cancer Surgeon Unwinds

Surgeons at any level are some of the most incredible human beings on the planet and they have been blessed with a skill which saves and improves lives each and every day. These men and women work in high pressure jobs and they know that a mistake can cost lives. My roommate is a breast cancer surgeon who is very good at her job and she uses the skills which she was born with to help women all over the state to cure and treat breast cancer. Working in such a highly charged environment is tough and if you have ever wondered how they unwind from such a job, here is what my roomie often does.


Believe it or not my roommate’s favorite thing to do in order to chill out after a stressful day at work is to get her head stuck into the books. She will often talk about how she likes to make sure that her knowledge is always as good as possible in order for her to be more relaxed at work and to ensure that she can treat her patients to the best of her ability. Breast cancer is an area of cancer which has seen he strides taken in recent years and my friend always wants to make sure that she keeps her finger on the pulse.


One of the more interesting revelations which my friend made when we moved in together was her passion for boxing. My roomie is just over 5 foot and very sleight, making this quite a surprising statement to make. Nonetheless she is a very passionate boxer and she uses the sport in order to keep fit and to get rid of the stress which she has on a daily basis. Rather than sitting down to relax, whenever she has a day off she will head straight down to the boxing gym and knock 7 bells out of the punchbags down there, a fun way to stay relaxed!


Until I moved in with my now-roomie, I had never tried meditation before but I had heard so many positive things about it. My roomie will meditate both before her shift and afterwards and she tells me that for her, this is the more important part of her day as it helps her to deal with the rest of it. Through mediation she is not only able to take some time out to relax but she can also use this quiet time to organize her thoughts and deal with any concerns that she may have. The result of this is a stronger mind and one which is far better at coping with whatever life and the hospital may throw at her.  This is actually something that is noticeable as well and usually I can guess when she hasn’t been able to have the time to meditate because she is a far more stressed person when she hasn’t.