Devices Which You Should Consider To Aid Mobility

If you have a family member who has issues with their mobility then it can be painful to know that they are at home and that they may have difficulties. As is the case with many who’s mobility begins to falter as a result of age or illness, there is often a pride that there means they will not allow you to watch them round the clock, or indeed bring in a carer. Carers are professional, they will know exactly what you need. They’ve completed their education and courses, whether that’s an Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management or a Certificate 3 in Individual Support, so they can help you get the support you need to improve mobility in your home. Thankfully however there are a number of great aids which you can get for them which are going to help them greatly in terms of their mobility.

Walk In Shower

A walk in shower cubicle is the perfect solution for those people who have a bathtub shower, which is what the majority of homeowners have. Not only does this make getting into the shower difficult, it also becomes dangerous and a fall getting in or out of the bath could be very painful and cause a lot of damage. These walk in showers come with seats too which means that the user just needs to open the door, sit down, close the door and wash themselves.

Raised Toilet Seat

Lowering the body down on to the toilet and getting back up again is not easy when you have mobility issues and given that you may have to do this 4 or 5 times per day, it can become very tiring. An easy solution is a raised toilet seat, a simple device which goes on top of the toilet and allows the user to lower themselves down less, making getting up far less stressful on the body.


Not all devices have to be large in scale to have a big impact and you will find that one such aid that will make a huge difference is a picker. Think of the litter pickers you see people use in the street, this is all that it is. These pickers are used for so many small tasks during the day that those of us who have mobility take for granted. Closing curtains, picking up a magazine off the floor, closing the door or perhaps even actually grabbing litter from the floor. This is a cheap and easy to get tool which will have a massive impact around the home.


There are two reasons why those who have mobility issues need aids around the home, the first is so that they can actually do things and the second is to ensure that they can do things safely. As you can imagine, walking up and down the stairs when you have limited mobility is very tough, and puts a lot of stress on the body. Many people who do live in 2 storey buildings actually avoid walking up stairs because of the effort required, not to mention the risk. The perfect solution to this is a stairlift, a simple device which ferries people up and down the stairs with zero risk and zero effort. These cost a little bit extra to have installed but they are worth every penny for someone who has mobility issues.