5 Crucial Steps to Take After an Accident

Accidents happen each day, even to the most cautious drivers. It could be your unlucky day, and as you drive to work, school, home, or running your daily errands, you run into a careless driver, and what seemed like a promising day is turned into a nightmare within seconds. What’s next? It is normal to feel confused and frustrated, not to know what you should do next. In this article, we will look at some guiding steps to follow if you find yourself in a car crash.

Seek medical help

You should not assume that just because there are no visible injuries, then you are good to go. Your health should come first, and you should not second-guess it. Let medical experts evaluate you before determining if you are in good condition. Remember that you might have suffered internal bleeding, and if this is not discovered early enough, things could get out of hands. There are also delayed symptoms. It is, therefore, best if you remain under the doctor’s watch for a while. You will also need medical records while filing a claim.

Beyond the possibility of injuries, you may have sustained are “internal” or otherwise not immediately visible, it’s important to establish a paper trail. Medical records are reliable, and there are certain legal realities surrounding them. Doctors have to conform to something called HIPAA, which is a legal protection that keeps patient information safe. This means there are injuries you could sustain that the court may have to respect, but you may not necessarily be required to admit. However, depending on the injuries, and what you’re claiming, you may have to waive privacy rights here. Regardless, after an accident, finding a Portland hand and wrist doctor, or another practitioner if that’s appropriate, represents a very wise step in sustaining the coverage you need in terms of insurance after an accident. Sometimes companies try to back out of obligations; sometimes greater negligence is at play.

Protect the scene

You need to indicate that an accident occurred around that area by setting flares. If it is dark, keep the flashers on. This will prevent other drivers from bumping to the scene and causing further accidents.

Contact the police

Let the police know all about the accident so that they can come to the scene and take your statement. Make sure that you only give correct information on how the event unfolded. Also, be careful with what you say to avoid saying anything that could be used against you. Do not give information based on speculation.

Take clear photos of the scene

You will need pictures for evidence, and you, therefore, need to take clear images without leaving anything behind. Capture the damages of your car and any bodily injuries if you sustained any. However, ensure that you do not tamper with the accident scene or interfere with police investigations.

Contact a lawyer

You have the right to file a claim and get financial compensation. However, as easy as it may sound, you need to prove that someone else’s negligence indeed caused the accident. This is the hardest part, but you cannot go wrong with reliable car accident lawyers like Naqvi Injury Law to take you through such frustrating moments. The attorney knows precisely what to look for when collecting evidence. They understand car accident law better than you do, and you can count on them for a speedy process. The lawyer is experienced and has the necessary expertise to navigate through the case without making any mistakes. Let the attorney do the talking for you to save you from saying things that could contradict your claim. Also, the attorney can negotiate with the insurance provider to ensure that you get the best value compensation. With a reliable attorney by your side, you are assured that your rights are protected.

These are the essential steps that you should follow after a car accident to ensure that justice is served and that you get financial compensation to help you get back on your feet.