What You’ll Find Out With a Background Check By Checkpeople


When you run a business one of the most important aspects which deserves a great deal of focus and attention is recruitment. Recruiting the right team can be the difference between success and failure in the business so it really makes sense to give this a lot of time and energy. Once you have the ideal candidate in mind you must perform the final, and arguably most important, aspect of recruitment which is a background check. There are some great companies like Checkpeople who will be able to do this for you and here is what you’ll be able to find out with a background check by Checkpeople.

Criminal History

Potentially one of the most important checks which is carried is on the criminal history of the person who you are looking to hire. This check will cover any misdemeanors or crimes at county state and federal level. We have seen time and time again situations where criminals fail to declare  an accurate criminal history and this check will help you to find out the full picture.

Credit History

A credit history check can prove to be important if the position that you are hiring for involves the handling of money or accounts. The general school of thought here is that if someone cannot manage their own finances very well, how well do you think they may be able to handle accounts within the workplace.

Driving History

If the job that you are hiring for involves driving a company vehicle you will of course want to ensure that this person has a clean driving record. This aspect of the check will tell you a great amount of detail about the person’s driving history such as any traffic violations, any penalties on the license as well as any accidents which they have been involved in. This is vitally important as you need to make sure that you are hiring people who you can have confidence in.

Education and Work History

It is common knowledge that many people like to try and embellish their skills and qualifications believing that they will be more likely to get a job, a background check however will be able to discover when this is happening. Validating a person’s work and job history is very important in order to help you avoid hiring someone who is in fact not suitable for the position at all. Discovering whether or not someone has told the truth on their resume can also help to give you a picture about the applicant’s integrity. In terms of checking the person’s work history and references these are helpful not only to validate what they have said, but also to find out the conditions around why they left their previous employment.

Once you have reviewed application forms and carried out interviews you must take advantage of the chance to check out the applicants background in order to make sure that the person who you are hiring is who they say that they are.