What Is Broad Spectrum Distillate?

A recent study found about 1 in 7 adults use CBD products.

It wouldn’t be surprising if that number was even greater now! CBD products are everywhere, including grocery stores, smoke shops, and pharmacies. You’ll typically see CBD drops, tablets, or gummies. 

What you may not realize is there are a few different types of CBD.  The different types of CBD boil down to their chemical makeup. It’s important to understand the difference if you plan on purchasing CBD products. 

Below is a guide on broad spectrum CBD. Make sure to keep reading as you explore the possibilities of available products. 

What Is CBD?

Before getting into specifics, it’s important to understand what CBD is and what it can do for people. Cannabidiol, CBD, is the 2nd most present active ingredient in cannabis. 

It comes directly from the hemp plant and doesn’t give you a high. Those looking for psychoactive effects are on the hunt for THC. The lack of psychoactive effects is the reason CBD is legally sold in some stores!

People use it for a variety of reasons, including things from increasing sleep to decreasing seizures or anxiety. It’s widely used in the medical field, and plenty of studies are still being developed on it today. 

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

If you’ve seen the term ‘broad spectrum CBD’, you’re probably wondering, “What does broad spectrum mean?”

Broad spectrum CBD products are products that contain CBD amongst other compounds from the hemp plant. These other compounds may include terpenes or cannabinol (CBN).

Some people look for CBN because it’s said to have anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects. Others have claimed it’s even helped to reduce seizures. 

Are you trying to avoid THC? Look for broad spectrum CBD products. Most don’t contain any traceable amounts of THC. It’s a thc free distillate

Wait, What Are Distillates?

The distillate is a concentrated extract that’s been completely stripped away from all the other compounds. It provides a more potent effect, depending on what sort of product you’re looking for. 

If you’re on the search for a THC-free distillate, you’ll find your full or broad spectrum CBD distillates. They deliver the full power of a hemp plant and can greater increase relaxation and pain relief. 

A THC distillate is a highly concentrated dose of the psychoactive element of a cannabis plant. This is for people looking for an extreme high. Be careful around these products. 

The More You Know: Broad Spectrum Distillate

With CBD products on the rise, you’ve probably seen advertisements for broad spectrum distillate. It’s important to know what you’re getting before spending the money. 

Broad spectrum distillate is a concentrated form of CBD that also contains other compounds from the hemp plant. These extra compounds may be CBN or other terpenes. Distillates are used to deliver greater effects thanks to the concentrated oil.

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