Advance Industries of Finland 2021

Finland amidst its fame for Nokia and electronics, machinery, chemical, and metal products, remained humble and often thought of as the land with vast forests and clean air. Finland is a Nordic country (a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic) and they share borders with Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

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Everybody knows what Nokia is and how it changed the world’s lifestyle. This multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company was founded in 1865 by Fredrick Idestam, Leo Mechelin, and Eduard Polon. It started out as a pulp mill industry specializing in cables and rubber. The telecommunications industry in the 1990s opened the company to globalization. The transition of the mobile telephone industry was so fast along with the poor management that Nokia was not able to cope up with it in the later 2000s. Finally, they sold their mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2014. Nevertheless, the company redirected its endeavor to other interests such as Virtual Reality and Digital Health.

Industrial and Electronics

·        Stromberg AB, founded by Gottfrid Strömberg in 1889 in Helsinki, is an electromechanical manufacturer specializing in small power plants, generators, and electric motors. Later, the company manufactured the electrical components of rail vehicles as well as the Finnish State Railways.

·        Konecranes is a big engineering and service company specializing in the manufacture of service cranes and lifting equipment. This company was founded in 1910 and was a corporate spin-off of KONE Corporation which was owned by the Herlin Family.

Fertilizer Industry

Forest and love for nature have always been part of the people of Finland. It transcends culture and time. It is innate. Kemira Growhow is a fertilizer producer and their products are sold worldwide. It was founded in 1920. Kemira is now an international company specializing in the production of chemicals for the forest industry and water treatment.

Consumer Products

Fiskars Group is a large company in Helsinki but originated in Fiskars, a small village in Raseborg 100 kilometers west of Helsinki. Fiskars Group is the oldest company still operating in Finland. It was founded in 1649 and they specialize in home products such as scissors, kitchenware, glassware, knives, gardening tools, ceramics, and outdoor equipment.

Fashion Industry

Luhta Sportswear Company is a clothing and design manufacturer of sportswear. Founded in 1907 by Vihtori Luhtanen, the business grew bigger in the years to come and is now one of the leading manufacturers of the best clothing in Europe and their main exports are in Germany, Russia, Swede,

France, and the Netherlands.

Dairy Products

Fresh green grass and clean air are some of the best features in the country of Finland thus making their dairy produce guaranteed high quality. Valio Ltd. is a big manufacturer of dairy products including butter, cheese, yogurt, powdered ingredients, and milk. Valio Ltd. is considered the largest market leader in the food industry and is considered the pioneer of functional foods. The company was founded in 1905 and is still the favorite among consumers.

Final Insight:

Finland’s industry is rapidly growing and increasing. The country has transformed into one of the leading giants in almost all major industries without altering the beauty of nature of their country. The key to their success is by achieving their balance- the right equilibrium.