Extreme and Unexpected Motor Sports from Around the World

Source: Wikipedia

If you are a thrill seeker, you will love the adrenaline rush that comes with above the ordinary motorsports. Several motorsports from around the world deliver this thrill and are awesome to watch. Some of the sports include offroad and challenge competitions while others involve daring stunts and high-speed competitions. Here are some of these competitions.


Enduro is a motorcycle competition that is run in off-road conditions. The competition comes with different obstacles and challenges. There are several Enduro competitions from around the world, culminating in the Enduro World Championships. The competition is a time-card sport where competitors race against the clock to complete several stages. The challenges include hilly rocky terrains, muddy landscapes and steep hillsides. This sport has bigger drops and jumps than any other motorcycle competitions of a similar nature. Players use motorcycles with larger width tires and full suspension to handle the uneven terrain. They also use the special gear and accessories as sold on 24mx.

Cross Country XC

Motocross is similar to Enduro and the most popular motorcycle riding competition from around the world. It is the least extreme among the offroad racing competitions. Like other motorcycle competitions, the game involves various stages where winners are scored as per the time spent and endurance on the off-road tracks. These trails can be open fire roads or narrow winding single tracks where riders test their endurance and technical bike handling. The bikes are usually light and have single suspension build to cater for quick handling. There is no top speed specification for the bikes, but most of the 4-stroke motorcycles reach speeds of 75 mph.

Jet-Powered Cars

Jet engines are some of the fascinating high-speed engines ever built. While they may look dangerous, racing with jet engine drag racers is awesome and a real thriller for spectators. Jet racing cars top speeds of up to 700 miles per hour. The racing is done in special tracks to ensure the safety of both the drivers and spectators. Drivers compete against the clock to determine who completes the race fastest in each stage. Racing enthusiasts also love the fire billowing from the jet draggers and the jet sound when the accelerator is cranked up.

Le Mans Endurance Racing Competition

This competition is also called 24 hours of Le Mans and is one of the oldest, having been started in 1923. The Grand Prix of efficiency and endurance is held in several locations around the world. The race involves various stages of closed public roads and racetracks. In the race, teams must balance between the demand for speed and running for 24 hours without encountering any mechanical failure. In 2018 competition, out of the 60 cars that took part in the race, 41 of them ran the entire duration. Each racing team should have at least three drivers to complete the entire race. Each driver must not drive for over 14 hours continuously in each race.

Do you love extreme motorsports? Try any of the competitions listed above. They are fun and real thrillers to watch.