Pets and Your Finances: A Guide

When you have a pet or are considering getting a pet, you must understand the financial commitment required throughout their lives. Although you might not think that they will cost you that much, that is not necessarily the case. So, here are all the steps that you need to take when you own a pet to prevent them from having a negative impact on your finances.

Do Your Research Beforehand

Pets are expensive, and it is important to know how much they will cost you before you decide to bring one into your home. Proper research about your potential new pet is critical, including the cost of their food, vet bills, and accessories.

Take Out Insurance

You can also mitigate future vet costs by taking out pet insurance. Like medical insurance humans, pet insurance can help pay bills if your pet falls ill or needs emergency medical care. However, your insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions, and so it is important to look at exactly what your insurance provider covers before you choose to take out a policy with them. This can help you enjoy your pet’s companionship without worrying about what you will do in an emergency.

Give Your Pet Their Own Bank Account

If you are struggling to save money for your pet or to have enough money each month to pay for their necessities, you should take out a bank account for them in your name. This bank account can allow you to make regular payments into an account that is separate from the one that you use every day. Over time, your contributions to this will build up, giving you access to dedicated funds when you need them.

Make a Budget

It can be easy to spoil your furry friend, especially since there is now a wide range of accessories that you can buy for your pet. Rather than simply buying what you want for your pet, you should make a budget for them and look at cutting pet costs. This budget should include the necessities, as well as a few flexible pennies that you can spend on luxuries like new bedding and pet furniture. This will then ensure that your pet does not end up draining your bank account every month.

Other Options for Emergency Funds

If you are responsible for a large vet bill that your savings and/or pet insurance doesn’t cover, you could also consider applying for a personal loan from companies like OneMain to cover the costs. Personal loans help you cover large costs and pay them back over time. Just be sure that you will be able to make your monthly payments for the life of the loan.