4 Effective Tips to Make Moving with Pets Easier – Guaranteed

Moving to a new home, whether in your current city or a new state, can be stressful – especially when you have a pet. Your cat or dog most likely only knows your current home as their abode. Switching up their environment can cause major disruption and leave them feeling stressed and overwhelmed. 

Not to mention, you may also feel frustrated while coordinating your move with a company like Black Tie Moving and packing boxes while your pet begs for cuddles or walks. 

We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to make your move with your pet easier than ever. 

1. Keep Your Daily Routine

Pets love having a routine. They know when they can expect to be fed, go for a walk, or see you leave for work in the morning. Changing this routine suddenly can cause unnecessary stress on them. 

While getting ready to move and settling down in your new home, try to keep your daily routine with your pet. Feed them at the same time. Walk them at the same time. This will make the transition into a new environment much easier for them. 

2. Start Packing Early

It’s easy to put off packing your home until the last minute, but this could have a negative effect on your pet. Introducing your pet to cardboard boxes and packing supplies early can make them feel more comfortable around them when it finally does come time to move. 

Of course, some pets are already ecstatic about having new things to play with. If that is the case, then you’ll want to teach your pet to stay away from the boxes, so they don’t damage any of your items. 

3. Put Together a Pet Bag

It can take quite a while to fully unpack your new home. You may find yourself lost looking for something you need but is packed away in an unknown box. When it comes to your pet, it’s a good idea to pack a separate bag of their favorite toys, blankets, and bed for easy access. 

Setting up a space for them in the new home with their favorite items can make them feel more comfortable in the environment. Plus, you’ll have an easier time unpacking boxes if they’re occupied with their toys. 

4. Have a Designated Pet Space

While packing and moving from your old home, try to have a designated space where your pet can play and relax without getting in the way. You don’t want your movers to trip over your cat or dog while transferring boxes to the truck. 

The same goes for when you arrive in your new home. Set up a special space just for your pet to hang out while you start settling in. They’ll have time to explore the new place once all of the boxes and furniture are situated.