The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Online Slot Games

These days, you don’t have to step inside a real casino to try your luck on the slots. Sign up to an online casino and you can enjoy access to hundreds of slot games at just the tap of a button, or the swipe of a screen. Play on the bus on your weekday commute, or on your sofa on a lazy Sunday morning. Where and when you want to play online slots is entirely up to you.

But it’s important you know the major dos and don’ts of playing slot games online before you risk your hard-earned cash. That’s why we’ve joined forces with the team from the online casino, to help you get clued up on what to look out for and what to avoid.

We’ll make sure you know how to choose the right casino, check RTPs and understand game rules. We’ll also teach you to avoid rogue casinos and blowing your bankroll. Simply scroll down to check out our full list of dos and don’ts in the infographic below.