Making Money While Travelling

Source: Rawpixel on Pixabay

Travelling is an exciting time that will stick with you forever. When you first step foot out of your home country, you might find that you absolutely love the taste of the freedom of the road and living by your own set of rules and schedules. Many people develop a deep affinity for travelling and want to turn it into a long term lifestyle but aren’t sure how to go about doing so. That’s why we’ve put together this useful list of things you can try in order to make money while you’re on the road to ensure you can continue living the life you want, on your terms. 

Playing Online Games

Online games are a great way to make money while travelling. Often for a small deposit you can get access to impressive and enjoyable games where you can absolutely win potential sums of money that will stun you. It’s important to know how to maximise the benefit of online games through using free spins, bonus codes and the like to get the most out of your experience without losing money. That being said though, if you use things like Bitstarz bonus code, you can get a great head start on online games that will help you win money you can use on your travels.

Teaching English

It might seem like the done thing, but teaching English while travelling is actually a hugely beneficial way to make money and prolong those travels. While it sounds like it’s a situation where you turn up and teach kids in a mud hut in some small tribal village, it can be as casual and small or as elaborate as you want. Some countries like Japan or Korea will require teachers to have a degree in teaching and will offer jobs in educational institutions that provide a stable, full job with benefits and a specific pay packet. More casual jobs can be teaching once a week in villages with small classes of children only just beginning to be exposed to the language. The choice is really yours – and whatever you want to do, it can be done with teaching English while travelling. It’s an incredibly flexible choice.

Working The Stock Market

A lot of people actually work with the stock market to get money for travelling. Either through buying and selling penny stocks or other forms of basically stock market gambling, some travellers make comfortable sums of money that they then use for travelling. While it’s certainly a form of gambling and should be entered into when only you know how exactly to do this and work with it, it’s nonetheless a viable way to get money for your travels – both while on the road and at home.

HelpX or WOOFing

While neither of these is technically a way to make money, they are ways to save money. Help X and WOOFing (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) are great options for those who want to do a couple of chores in unique work situations on farms, in private homes or for small companies that need help in exchange for room and board. On the odd occasion, some of the Help X or WOOF opportunities will offer cash and a salary, but these are uncommon. They are actually designed primarily as an experience provider that helps travellers save money while travelling through work in exchange for a bed and meals.

So whatever your plans for travelling, hopefully these ideas will help you get a good sense of the ways you can prolong your travels for longer by working and making money while travelling. Enjoy!