The Perfect Pet Memorial Gift

Pets are a huge part of our lives. They love us so unconditionally that you can’t imagine. Pets are said to be the best cure for depression, stress reduction, and loneliness. They are socially engaging, and a source for positive development. They are simply so lovable that you go gaga over them. At the point when we have a pet, they become a member of our family and a part of our life.

Losing a pet is hard and extremely hard to adapt to. A large number of us share an extreme love and bond with our creature sidekicks. For us, a pet isn’t ‘only a cat’ or ‘only a dog’, but instead, a cherished individual from our family, bringing friendship, fun, and euphoria to our lives.

Here’s a solution to one’s stress if they are going through a hard time after pet loss. Preserving your paw’s memories through pictures can be a regular idea but here is something more unique and personalized. We’re talking about hand-painted pet portraits. A good piece of art can express one’s emotions and mood. All those colors, shades and textures keep their innocence untouched like nothing and cause us to accept that they are still here with us. A craftsman puts every one of their hardships into it and you can feel that glow when you see it.

BookMyPainting is one such place where you can easily get paintings from photos for your little playmate. They are an online creative platform where it is super smooth to book a painting. Give a cute picture of your pet to BookMyPainting and their talented artists will turn it into an exquisite handmade art portrait. Done! You’re all set to have your furry friend to be with you forever. BookMyPainting can even include a little message with the artwork if you want. They have so many art styles like Charcoal, Oil, and Water Colour. They all go with the lifelike depiction of your pet and you’ll feel his presence all around it whenever you see it.

Are you not sure what art style you want to have? We have your back. Let’s explore.

If you are looking for something black and white, then you might want to consider a Custom Charcoal Portrait which is the classiest of all the drawing techniques. These magnum opus drawings are great if your pet has a dark hide. These are made of raw Charcoal and have this natural contrast which is unmatched. They give a retro feel and go very well on a monochromatic light-colored wall. The blending, concealing, and display of finer details are perfect in this art style.

In colored art, you’ve got a variety of options in which Oil Portrait Painting is going to be the first choice. Oil painting is one of the most seasoned craftsmanship styles alive. They are brilliant, clear and more realistic than different mediums. If your pet/pets have shiny and colorful fur, this is a must-go option. It is said that if oil paintings are preserved properly, they can last for centuries. So what’s better than preserving all the love and memories of your pet/pets inside a solitary portrait?

Talking about the other options in colored art styles, we reach the next stop which is Watercolour Paintings. These paintings have color splashes all around and make you feel like a kid again when you see your little pet in that painting with you. Watercolor painting is a great idea since it is vivid, joyous and is something that is over the present age of Instagram and hotshot.

If you are someone who is very much interested in colors and pencil sketching, then Pencil Colour Sketches are your perfect match. Pencil color mediums are appropriate when you want to stick to your budget and cannot compromise with quality. Pencil color portraits are colorful just as oil paintings and watercolor painting, but it has a texture of drawing.

We all love our pets more than anything. Losing a pet can be very hurtful and difficult to deal with but death is not the end of life, it’s a part of life. Instead of mourning and giving ourselves stress we should think about the moments when we were happier with our pets. The joy they have given us and the memories which will never be forgotten. Saving your pets into a hand-painted portrait will give you nothing but that immense pleasure that they are always with you. What’s more, cherish in the idea that there will come a day when you can recollect your companion with affectionate recollections and love from a solid heart.