Some Eco-friendly Ways to Deep Clean Your Home!

Using chemicals will not make your house cleaner or germ-free. Our grandmothers already knew: that there are some natural products, such as vinegar or lemon, that have great disinfectant properties, while at the same time they naturally perfume the house. Basically, cleaning the house with a traditional approach cannot be said to be inferior compared to using modern equipment or machines. In fact, topics such as how to clean carpet without a machine are increasingly circulating in cyberspace, indicating that people’s awareness of not depending on machines is increasing.

Without forgetting that they are much cheaper than conventional cleaning products, discover how to clean your house without chemicals with these basics.

1. Lemon and vinegar

Vinegar is an incredible disinfectant cleaner and degreaser. If mixed with lemon juice, the result will be a powerful, traditional cleaner. Forget about abrasive chemicals! By rubbing the surfaces with a cloth moistened with lemon juice or vinegar you will restore the shine of faucets, sinks, and showers.

It is great for cleaning the bathroom because vinegar acts as a powerful anti-limescale agent. It also serves to leave furniture shiny and clean, without a trace of dust. Simply wet a cloth with a little vinegar and lemon juice. Works!

2. Newspaper

Fold two sheets of newspaper at the bottom of the trash can: they absorb liquids and neutralize the odor. You can also use newspaper sheets to clean the windows. The trick is to dilute half a cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, and half a cup of ammonia in a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the glass. Then, make a ball out of old newspaper and apply it to the crystals. And ready!

3. Ground coffee

No matter how careful we are when storing food, it is easy for the refrigerator to take on a bad smell. With this home remedy, odors will disappear effortlessly: place a bowl with ground coffee – used is also fine – or with baking soda. They are natural odor neutralizers. You can remove the bowl when it has taken effect or leave it and replace it once a month.

Another use for coffee? As a fertilizer for plants, since it contains essential and useful nutrients for plant growth, including potassium and magnesium. And if you have a pet, don’t hesitate to fight fleas with this food. Simply take the residue left after drinking coffee and rub it through the dog’s hair after bathing. It leaves a good smell and does not contain harsh chemicals!

4. Baked lemon

Make it easy to eliminate spills and odors and clean the oven. Squeeze a lemon into a bowl of water and add the peels. Heat it at medium temperature for five minutes. The aroma of lemon will eliminate odors and the condensation of its steam will soften the splashes. Then, with a cloth soaked in warm water, you remove them. That easy, that natural!

5. Ice

If your ceramic hob has traces of dirt around the burners, rub them with an ice cube and then use the metal scraper. Wipe with absorbent kitchen paper to remove any residue. You’ll see how it works!

6. Water and salt

Have you bought any garments that are “suspected” of dyeing the rest? Soak it in salt water before washing it for the first time: you will set its colors and prevent it from fading! But this is not the only benefit of salt: it is also an incredible natural degreaser. You can use it to clean the iron, for example, so take an old cloth and place coarse salt on its surface. Then, turn on the iron and rub the base of the iron back and forth over the cloth with the salt. You will say goodbye to all stains!

7. White vinegar

Why, if you just washed your clothes, do they still smell musty? They are the bacteria that always end up proliferating in the fibers. Don’t give up on the battle: wash them on a short cycle at the highest temperature the garment can tolerate and, instead of fabric softener, use a cup of white vinegar. And not a trace of musty smell!

However, vinegar is also a good ally for many other things. For example, it is very effective for removing chewing gum and lint from clothing, or for repelling insects using it as a spray. In addition, it also works very well to clean the inside of the dishwasher and washing machine. Definitely, white cleaning vinegar is an excellent multipurpose product that is very effective and economical.

So, what are you waiting for?