Choosing Between Window Repair And Replacement

It is always a really good idea to not make impulsive decisions as you need some repairs or replacements around your home. There are so many property owners that end up replacing their windows when just a really simple repair is all that is needed. Also, there are cases in which repairs are done when it is much better to completely replace the window.

According to Community Builders Tulsa, there are way too many window retailers that impose the thought that properties require brand new windows. This is normally done with a promise of gaining boosted energy efficiency or curb appeal. It is completely true that brand new windows are going to offer such advantages but you do not have to replace windows prematurely. Most problems that appear with windows can easily be solved through small repairs.

For most homeowners, it is difficult to choose between window replacement and window repair but if you consider what is written below, everything becomes simpler.

Window Rotting

The appearance of window rot is basically caused by mold, moisture and other elements. Whenever rot appears, the damage that appeared has to be assessed. Contrary to popular belief, window rot can actually be repaired. You have to hire professionals to get it done though. Initial inspections can be done by you in order to assess window appearance and conditions but only the professional can actually repair jammed sashes, window rot and window parts.

Remember though that window rot cannot always be repaired. There are many situations in which rot damage is more extensive than what is visible. In this case, you need to completely replace your windows.

Jammed Sashes

These are really common problems with many windows and you will often see them in older homes remodeled a few times. The good news is that this is a problem that is often very easy to fix. In many cases the homeowner can actually do this alone. When the window does not easily open or often jams, rub white candles on the window’s sides and bottom. In the event that the remedy does not allow an effortless slide of the frame through window channels, it can be completely painted shut. If this is the case, you want to take a razor blade or a box knife to try to wedge the window open. Sash saws can also be considered.

Decline In Energy Efficiency

There is this assumption that the older window is not energy-efficient anymore. In many situations this is actually true but older windows can still be quite energy-efficient. However, this only happens when they are properly serviced by a general contractor or a handyman. Do not buy brand new windows to improve energy efficiency without having the professional check for potential fixes. It is possible that applying weather seal and caulk is enough to prevent the air from getting out or the moisture from getting in. Old caulk is often very easy to remove so that fresh caulk can be applied. Installing storm windows and screen windows can potentially increase insulation. This is an option that is normally much cheaper than complete window replacement.