4 Tips for Working in a Small Office Space

Ideally, all businesses would have the space they need to house all of their employees, equipment, and other necessities. However, as experienced business leaders already know, many companies have to operate in less-than-ideal conditions. Today, we’ll analyze how progressive professionals can make the most of a small office space. Check out our top four tips on the subject here:

Use Space Economically

Having a small work area means that you can’t afford to waste any available space. Don’t hang onto clutter and don’t let empty areas go unused! Rather, find ways to maximize every room in your office. What’s more, consider utilizing vertical space to your advantage. By embracing a little creative thinking, you can more effectively develop an office that suits your needs.

Remote Capabilities

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that remote employment solutions can be very meaningful. As such, don’t hesitate to hire employees to work on a full or part-time remote basis. By having some of your best professionals work from home, you can save space and prevent your office from getting too cramped.

Encourage Tact & Etiquette

Close quarters seem to inevitably lead to conflict and frustration. It’s easy for people to get on each other’s nerves if they have to spend a lot of time together in a small work area. That’s why it’s crucial to encourage tact and etiquette in the office. Ask team members to take calls outside, to cut down on any loud or distracting habits (i.e. snacking on crunchy chips), and –– above all –– to be mindful of the needs and preferences of others. Simply making an effort to accommodate your coworkers will go a long way toward creating a positive workplace atmosphere.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

Let’s say you’d like to expand your operation, but you don’t have the money needed to move into a bigger office or to build new workspaces for your team. In such a situation, you may be able to get more space –– and save a lot of capital –– by collaborating with another business. You could consider sharing warehouse space with similar companies in your area. Or you may strike a deal with another business leader to rent out a shared office space for your two companies.


Whether you’re a large company like BEE International that creates highly technical equipment, or you’re a marketing startup with just 3 employees, having a quality office space can make a big difference on your team’s performance. While you may not be able to secure an ideal office area now, taking these tips on board should help you make the most of a smaller office.